Bimanual Irrigation Aspiration

Bimanual Irrigation Aspiration

Ophthalmic Instruments

This system is designed for bimanual irrigation and

aspiration of residual cortex after phacoemulsification

and removal of the nucleus. The handpieces are color

coded and designed for comfortable hand position

when used through two opposing side port incisions.

Irrigation Handpieces

with female connector, blue color

F7-5836 23 gauge, dual 0.3mm side ports

F7-5838 22 gauge, dual 0.4mm side ports, oval

F7-5840 21 gauge, dual 0.5mm side ports

Aspiration Handpieces

with male connector

side port facing into curve

magenta color

F7-5804 23 gauge, 0.3mm port

F7-5805 23 gauge, 0.3mm port, textured tip

F7-5810 21 gauge, 0.35mm port

F7-5811 21 gauge, 0.35mm port, textured tip

F7-5814 21 gauge, 0.4mm port

F7-5815 21 gauge, 0.4mm port, textured tip

F7-5816 22 gauge, 0.3mm port, oval

F7-5817 22 gauge, 0.3mm port, oval, textured tip

F7-5822 20 gauge, 0.3mm port, oval

Irrigation and Aspiration Handles

For use with standard luer-lock


F7-5890 Aspiration Handle

male/male fitting, magenta color

F7-5892 Irrigation Handle

male/female fitting, blue color