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F7-5000 Bishop-Harmon A/C Irrigator

F5-9960 Jones Towel Clamp

F5-9900 Hartmann Mosquito Forceps, straight

F5-9850 Serrefine, small, straight

F1-5671 Lieberman Speculum, K-wire

F1-5010 Barraquer Wire Speculum, large

F20-1910 Chuck Handle (2)

F20-2442 Performance Super Sharp Blade (bx)

F20-2466 Performance Lamellar Blade #66 (bx)

F2-6540 Diamond Step Knife

F20-5000 K-Sponge Spear (bx)

F4-1000 Castroviejo Corneal Scissors, small, right

F4-1010 Castroviejo Corneal Scissors, small, left

F4-3004 Westcott Tenotomy Scissors

F4-4100 Westcott Stitch Scissors

F4-5010 Vannas Scissors, curved

F4-5122 Stern-Gills Scissors

F3-9000 Castroviejo Caliper

F5-6200 Bonaccolto Conjunctiva Forceps

F5-1520 Harms-Colibri Forceps, 0.12mm

F5-2020 Bonn Forceps, 0.12mm

F5-3510 Bishop-Harmon Forceps

F5-5000 McPherson Tying Forceps, straight

F5-5010 McPherson Tying Forceps, angled

F5-5030 Kelman-McPherson Forceps

F5-5081 Utrata Capsulorrhexis Forceps

F3-5230 Sinskey II Lens Hook, angled

F3-5520 Kuglen Iris Hook, angled

F3-2300 Barraquer Iris Spatula

F6-3310 Barraquer Needle Holder, curved

F6-1560 Castroviejo Needle Holder, straight

F3-4010 Lewis Lens Loop

F3-4145 Alfonso Trisector, oval

F3-4156 Alfonso Cutting Platform

F5-7253 Alfonso Nucleus Grasping Forceps

F7-5532 Alfonso-McIntyre Irrigating Spoon, small

F7-5533 Alfonso-McIntyre Irrigating Spoon, large

F7-5241 Anis Cortex Aspiration Cannula

F7-3520 Air Injection Cannula, 27ga.

F7-5150 McIntyre A/C Cannula, 26ga.

F7-4931 Jensen Polisher, 23ga.

F7-4300 Simcoe I/A Cannula, curved

F7-6715 Brierley Chamber Maintainer

F9-2350 Sterilizing Case, d

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