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Fine Hub  specialized manufacturer of the ophthalmic instruments & known as Eye Instruments for human and veterinary in Sialkot Pakistan and we are also an OEM manufacturer for the overseas eye care companies. Fine Hub Ophthalmics® Instruments Sialkot Pakistan is a fast developing company in Sialkot and serve in the field of surgery from many years for eyecare companies.
Fine Hub Ophthalmics® Instruments is capable of handling large and small orders of Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments & Eye Surgery Instruments.Feel Free to contact for free quotes.

We Fine Hub Ophthalmics® Instruments is serve in the field of Ophthalmology being Third Generation . 
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Fine Hub Ophthalmics® offers coating for all stainless steel and titanium products, including:

  • Scissors
  • Forceps
  • Needle Holders
  • Hooks
  • Speculums
  • Clamps
  • Spatulas
  • Cannulas

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Developing new Technologies and refining existing products is both science and art of Human Ophthalmic & Veterinary Ophthalmic Instrumentation. It’s also Teamwork.

Fine Hub Ophthalmics® Instruments & Veterinary Ophthalmic views the relationship with  human Eye surgeons and Veterinary Eye Surrgeon other industry experts as an integral part in leveraging the best health intelligence.

Precision Manufacturing. Thorough Testing. Quality Performance.

Fine Hub Ophthalmics® Instruments & Veterinary Ophthalmic uses the highest quality stainless steel materials J1, J2 and the most precise manufacturing processes. Product tests are performed according to regulatory and scientific guidelines. We are committed to producing the most creative and innovative medical technologies that empower physicians to provide the highest quality care for patients. Fine Hub Ophthalmics Instruments & Veterinary Ophthalmic Instruments products are manufactured in the Pakistan.


The manufacturer of microsurgical instruments Fine Hub Ophthalmic® is a company that has developed rapidly in the world market. 
Its Quality and Commitment to the customer led the company to become a reference in supplying many brands, acting as an OEM Manufacturer Worldwide.
In addition to supplying products to major international brands, we have been supplying our Ophthalmic Surgical instruments to eye doctors in many parts of the world. 

Fine Hub Ophthalmics® is the result of Abdul Ghani's entrepreneurial spirit. 
The company was born with a mission: to perpetuate the family's traditional skill in the manufacture of metal materials.
 And today, it is a reference in quality, innovation and trust, in addition to being present in several parts of the world. 
Currently, it has a production unit located in Sialkot, Pakistan, and in Goiânia, Goiás State, Brazil

The beginning was more than 50 years ago, when Naeem Ahmed, son of blacksmith artisan Abdul Ghani, decided to continue the family's exceptional ability to manufacture metal products.
 The family tradition is part of the history of Pakistan, which has worked for several generations in producing  Swords , Knives & Arms for the Pakistani Army  & other metal artifacts. 
In 1984, Naeem Ahmed  started producing Micro Surgical Instruments , with the best resistance and highest precision in the market for surgical instruments,
a predominant economic activity in the Pakistani city of Sialkot. 
Currently, In Sialkot is a reference in the production and export of surgical instruments, being considered “Little Germany” in Pakistan. 
The products manufactured in Sialkot are a world reference.

Thus, under the leadership of Naeem Ahmed, his Two Sons started work as the third generation of the family in metal manufacturing 
Under the flag of Fine Hub Ophthalmics® for International Supply Operating in  the international market & local market since 2010 
Fine Hub Ophthalmics has established itself as a reference in ophthalmic surgical instruments, specializing in microsurgery, high precision instruments 
and the entire ophthalmological line with more than a five thousand items in our Capabilities.
In addition to producing standard instruments, Fine Hub Ophthalmic is also a pioneer in the creation and manufacture of customized surgical instruments
 according to the specification, design and need of medical surgeons. 
The company has a team prepared to develop new ideas, which assist doctors in the execution of new surgical techniques with precision and instrumental resistance.
In Brazil We are Present operating since 2018, bringing innovation and much more quality to the national market. 
Fine Hub Ophthalmics® products are now in the hands and surgical centers of leading specialists in the field of ophthalmology, 
adding value and confidence to the brand.

Fine Hub Ophthalmics ® it self the Horizon for Ophthalmic Manufacturing for new innovation in Ophthalmology .
Fine Hub Ophthalmics® is Certified by CE MARK Certification & ISO 9001-2008, ISO 13485-2003 & 13485 -2012 .

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